To provide higher education in a discipline atmosphere and produce skilled youth with high moral and spiritual values for sustenance and service of the society as a whole. The college is committed to provide a holistic education to develop, emotionally and mentally harmonious, physically capable socially and culturally educated upright citizen of the nation.


As a unit of Department of Higher Education, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh, Maharana Pratap Govt. P.G. college is engaged to achieve academic excellence in rural area by -

  • Academic Excellence through dialogue, consensus and cooperation.
  • Promoting equality, freedom, Justice and Harmony to each and every individual of the society.
  • Regular Analysis and appraisal.
  • Creativity, Sensitivity among student for human values.
  • To realize demands for, skilled talents creativity.
  • Development and implementation of teaching, learning tools of global standards.
  • To be equipped to take up challenges of the enormous change taking place all around.
  • To make the students versatile by developing their multi-dimensional personalities.


The vision is clearly depicted by the the motto of the college “Sa Vidya ya vimuktye” meaning that liberated is (true) knowledge. It forms part of a verse appearing in Vishnu- Purana (1.19.41). The verse also occurs in the anthology of subhasitas entitled “ Sarangadharapaddhati’’ (No.4396). Maharana Pratap Govt. P.G. College Hardoi, is hopeful of leading its students to :

  • Be loyal to the country and fulfill their duties as a citizen.
  • Have to courage stand up for their convictions.
  • Increase awareness towards national and global social concerns.
  • Rely on themselves to face life’s challenges, striving towards perfection.

The above vision, mission and objectives are also prominently displayed in Hindi and English, just inside the entrance to the college and the building.

Value Framework

To promote the following core values:

  • Quest for Excellence
  • Promoting the Use of Multimedia Technology
  • Inculcating a Value System among Students
  • Fostering Global Competencies among Students
  • Contributing to National Integration and Development

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