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Maharana Pratap Government P.G College, Hardoi is aimed to provide higher education in a discipline atmosphere that produces skilled youth with high moral and spiritual values for sustenance and service of the society as a whole. The college is committed to provide a holistic education to develop socially, emotionally, spiritually and culturally educated citizen of the nation. The college has been performing some best practices since the very beginning of its establishment.

1: A Clear and Common Focus

In view of high performance, the college principal, teachers, staff, students, and parents share common goals based on the fundamental beliefs that all students can learn and improve their performance. To manifest this, regular teacher- student and teacher-parent interaction is organized on regular basis.

2: High Standards and Expectations

Our teaching staff believes “all students can learn and create a new dimension of understanding.” Staff members are dedicated in helping all the students in achieving challenges on all aspects of life. All students are engaged in an appropriate, ambitious and rigorous course of study in which the high standards of performances are clear and consistent on all platforms of learning. This results in all students being prepared for being successful in education, workplace and civic responsibilities.

3: Strong Leadership

The institution is committed to strong leadership, focused on enhancing the skills, knowledge, and motivation of the people in the organization and creating a common culture of high expectations based skills based knowledge, to improve the performance of all round development of students. The college fosters a collaborative atmosphere between the college and the community while establishing positive systems to improve leadership, learning, and students performance.

4: Supportive, Personalized, and Relevant Learning

The institution has supportive learning environment which provides a positive and personalized, relationships for all the students which engages them in rigorous activities and learning.

5: Parent/Community Involvement

In the institution, parents and community members help in developing, understanding, and supporting a clear and common focus on core academic, social, and personal goals. It is contributing to improve student performance and to have a meaningful and realistic goals to be achieved. Mentoring and outreaching programs to enhance two-way learning between students and community members. This is achieved by National Cadet Corps (NCC) and National Service Scheme (NSS) camps and various activities performed under it.

6: Monitoring, Accountability, and Assessment

Teaching and learning are continually adjusted on the basis of data collected through a variety of valid and reliable methods that indicate student progress and needs. The assessment results are interpreted and applied appropriately to improve individual student performance and the instructional program. Teachers feedback is also taken from students on regular basis.

7: Curriculum and Instruction

We have an aligned curriculum as per University with core learning expectations to improve the performance of all students. Students achieve high standards through rigorous challenges and learning. Teachers deliver and implement research-based teaching and learning strategies. Students are actively involved in their learning through inquiry, in-depth learning, and performance assessments.

8: Professional Development

Ongoing professional development aligned with the college’s common focus and high expectations, to improve the performance of all students in high-performing institutions. These professional development offerings are focused and informed by research and classroom-based assessments. Appropriate instructional support and resources are provided to implement approaches and techniques learned through professional development. Teachers are encouraged to participate in Induction/Orientation/ Refreshers/ Faculty Development Programs to enhance their knowledge and improved their technical skills.

9: Time and Structure

Time table is flexibly structured to maximize the use of time and accommodate the varied lives of their students, teachers, and community in order to improve the performance of all students.

10: Student Teachers Relationship

The students are given space to express their doubts and queries which are appreciated and taken care of in all the classes to enhance their prospective of thinking to bring out the best which is fruitful for the students and the institution.

11: The Ultimate Practice of the Institution

These practices not only along with their education, moral values but also with their physical, cultural and departmental activities tend to incarnate super being out of an ordinary being. It enhances the overall nature and perspective of the students and the institution as a whole, thereby trying to achieve the holistic development of institutional being.

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