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1. Do you feel proud to be associated with MPGPGC as Alumni?
2. Are you willing to contribute to the development of the college?
3. Are your grievances properly handled at the college as Alumni?
4. Is the education imparted at MPGPGC useful and relevant in your present job?
5. Have you obtained sufficient technical knowledge (both in theory and practical) at MPGPGC
6. Has the Placement Training Cell provided placement opportunities?
7. Have you availed Career counselling and guidance for higher studies from Placement Training Cell?
8. If you are invited to deliver a Guest Lecture/ Special Talk /Motivational Session for your juniors, will you be interested?
9. Do you like to join the college Alumni Association?
10. Have you participated in any Alumni meet as of now?
11. Do you want to receive regular updates from the college a) Yes through Mail/Calls / SMS?
12. Laboratories & Equipment’s
13. Library and reading room
14. Computer Facility
15. Extra-curricular activity
16. Admission Procedure
17. Fee structure
18. College Faculty
19. Project Guidance in class
20. Canteen Facilities
21. Sports Activity
22. Internet & Wi-Fi
23. Classrooms
24. Cultural facilities
25. How much of the syllabus was covered in the class?
26. How well did your teachers prepare for the classes?
27. How well were the teachers able to communicate?
28. The teacher’s approach to teaching can best be described as
29. Fairness of the internal evaluation process by the teachers.
30. Was your performance in assignments discussed with you?
31. The institute takes active interest in promoting internship, student exchange, and Field visit opportunities for students.
32. Teachers inform you about your expected competencies, course outcomes and programme outcomes.
33. The teachers identify your strengths and encourage you with providing right level of challenges.
34. Teachers are able to identify your weaknesses and help you to overcome them.
35. Teachers encourage you to participate in extracurricular activities.
36. Rate your teacher behaviour on 1-5 scale
37. Rate college office staff behavior on 1-5 scale
38. Have you ever been appreciated by your Company, If Yes, Please Share Details
39. Have you ever been appreciated by your teacher, If Yes, Please Share Details
40. Have you ever been appreciated by your Peers If Yes, Please Share Details
41. Have you made any significant achievement as A Student of MPGPGC If Yes, Please Share Details
42. Have you made any significant achievement as an Employer of the Organization If Yes, Please Share Detail
43. Have you made any significant achievement
44. Most Memorable Moment in the college
45. Your favorite teacher in term of teaching
46. Your favorite teacher in term of other activity
47. Suggestions for Development of college

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